Black Jack Betting Tricks: Strategic Black Jack Betting

Black jack is a typically fun and easy to play game. If you understand the basics, you will get to go along with the flow of the game.
So here are your black jack betting tips to keep you fluid when it comes to black jack betting, along with a video tutorial on how to play black jack, you will now get to learn both.


In black jack, if you are lucky enough or just doing alternate wins, it’s a good sign that you’re winning and not much likely losing. When placing your bet, depending on the table or betting denomination you might be in, you can start out betting for 5 dollars first. If you are lucky enough to win, then place ten next as your bet for the round, then fifteen and so on. If you lose your bet, you can then start to five dollars and climb all the way up. It’s up to you on to set the bar on which you should return to bet at 5.


Steady betting is the way you bet on a certain standard. Example, you get to bet 20 dollars each round. No matter if you are winning, you still bet the same amount. And, if there are any sidebeats on a certain table (depending on a certain casino offers to you), you still bet the same amount just like the normal black jack does.